hey! i'm wade. a few people call me doc. i don't really care what you refer to me as. i'm a 20 year old adhd + autism having transguy.

working on a site button


welcome to my little corner of the internet! enjoy your stay! sorry if anything is broken :p my laptop has a super small screen. not really good for mobile.

some of my favorite sites on neocities! worm's world
[jan. 1st, 2023]it's my birthday!! i haven't done anything new today, but yippee!! another year!

[dec. 30th, 2022] changed the theme. again. i also finally finished the main page, now i just need to make.. um.. 5 more. yippee.

[dec. 27th, 2022] stopped working on this for a while, but i'm back now. changed the theme.. and layout. the last update really didn't age well huh?

[aug. 14th, 2022] still not really done but making progress. i finally settled on a theme & layout!

[aug. 6th, 2022] created this account!!!
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